Skietbaan is gelee in Pretoria Oos. Almal hier by skietbaan het n groot voorliefde vir gewere sowel as die sport van skiet. Vir daardie rede het ons besluit om n plek daar te stel waar nie net mense wat al vir jare skiet nie, maar ook mense wat graag wil begin skiet of net nie gemaklik is met hulle gewere kan kom om hulp en bystand te ontvang. Vir diegene wat graag wil begin skiet ons het gewere op die perseel wat geleen en geskiet kan word onder supervisie.

Competency Training

We offer a wide range op training options
LAW,Pistol,Rifle and Shotgun competency’s
We aims to be the best price for any of the training courses we offer.

-Starting as low as R400 for law. We also offer discounts for combination of competencies.
-Law, Pistol Rifle and Shotgun for R2200

Please phone us if you have any questions, 0767540588

Skietbaan gun range

Cheap Bullets

We have been appointed the sole supplier of Acubullets , we receive weekly deliveries, please have a look at there site for more detail

We are selling acubullets at R700 per 1 000 bullets. Drop in and come ask us if there are any questions

Gun Experiences

We offer a wide variety of guns for hire , please contact 0663367310  or 0817528071 for pricing and options , feel free to also mail us sales@skietbaan.co.za

R600 pp 25 rnds multiple guns.
R750 pp 25 rnds multiple handguns and shotgun
R1000 Handgun , Semi Auto Rifle and Shotgun
R1700 Corporate Package- Phone for detail

Gun store

For any sales related questions please drop us a mail sales@skietbaan.co.za if we don’t have the item your are looking for we will try our best to find it

Some of our stock items and prices are listed under the store link but nothing beats coming to the store.

Please contact us for additional information at: sales@skietbaan.co.za or phone Faans at 0663367310

Gun Storage Fees

Members @ R50 per month

Non-members @ R100 per month

Grace Periods

Purchases from SKIETBAAN 3 Months for Competency
3 Months for Licencing
Licencing difficulties Open to Negotiation

Use of firearms prior to the licencing process

Take the leap and purchase a firearm prior to the licencing process (and sometimes prior to obtaining competency) either
from another gun shop or from SKIETBAAN, and use it on our range while using our firearm storage facilities.
Of course, the firearm cannot be removed from SKIETBAAN without a valid licence. The internal usage register is used to
control movements, out of and back into our storage facilities.
Transfers of firearms from other dealers in the Pretoria area cost R150.
Firearms can be used on the range without supervision provided that the shooter has the minimum of a proficiency
Because qualified range officers control our weekly sporting activities, it is also possible for persons without proficiency
certification and even under age persons to participate.
Apart from advancing the time of exposure to the pleasures of firearm sporting activities, this has the added advantage of
practical proficiency with your own firearm before the happy day that you take the firearm home with a valid licence.
Personal training as well as the accredited proficiency training and certification needed for the competency applications
are available in house from Valkyrie Firearm Training.

Gun Range


Gun Range

We have 13 shooting stations, automatic target retrieval with 30m long range accredited for pistol, rifle and carbine. Best of all we are open till late! We keep detailed log of all your shoots in order to help you improve skill and marksmanship , the shooting range also has a shop where ammunition as well as gun accessories can be purchased . If you can find prices better then we have in the shop please talk to us , as we pride ourselves in keeping prices as low as posible


Free shooting AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, Access to the Members Area, Free access to all club competitions, for only R1400 per year. We also offer massive discounts on a variety of products in the store

Dedicated Sport Shooter

Become a dedicated shooter! Ever wanted to become a dedicated sport shooter , skietbaan.co.za is a registered IPSC shooting club meaning you can participate in IPSC competitions and gain dedicated status this way.

Beginners welcome. Drop us an email adriaan@skietbaan.co.za

Operating Hours

Weekdays: 11am to 7pm (Phone or mail us to arrange a later time)
Weekends: 9am to 5pm


Rates R100 per shoot or alternatively R1400 for a 1 year PASS allowing you to come and and shoot as much as you want for FREE


Almal hier by skietbaan het n groot voorliefde vir gewere sowel as die sport van skiet. Vir daardie rede het ons besluit om n plek daar te stel waar nie net mense wat al vir jare skiet nie, maar ook mense wat graag wil begin skiet of net nie gemaklik is met hulle gewere nie, kan kom om hulp en bystand te ontvang.

For more information

You can also chat to us directly via Facebook Messenger on the right hand side of the page , or visit our Facebook page and chat to us there, you can find it under https://web.facebook.com/Skietbaan


Vind asseblief hier al ons kontak inligting, U is welkom om ons te email of skakel , maar kom gerus by die skietbaan verby, daar is n lieflike kofie winkel.

Skietbaan.co.za (Pty) Ltd.
114 Mokwa straat, Pretoria Oos, N4 Gateway park
Email:adriaan@skietbaan.co.za or francois@skietbaan.co.za

Phone us on: 0663367310 or : 0817528071

You can also join our online community by clicking the link below and joining us on slack

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You can also mail us adriaan@skietbaan.co.za and francois@skietbaan.co.za



Skietbaan began as an idea that stemmed from the plight of most modern men and women – why can’t I ever find the time for my hobbies, or at least why can’t we do it without too much guilt over the weekend when the unpainted gutters are staring you in the face?

Why build your own shooting range?

We dreamed of a place where we could go after work to relax and unwind (with less sweaty gym people), but still presents a form of self-improvement and enjoyment. Shooting presented us with the ideal activity to relieve stress yet improve at a demanding activity in a measurable way. The opportunities to do so however were very limited during the week. We didn’t want to wait for the zombie apocalypse to practice some weekday shooting, so we simply decided to start our own indoor range (excessive as it might seem)

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So whether you want to discuss the history of the Mauser with Jeurgens, or the seating depth of your .338 Lapua round with Evandre, or feel brave enough to have a pistol duel with Danie, or simple help George with his grip at Skietbaan we cater to all needs surrounding guns and ammunition.

Why you want to visit us

We here at skietbaan would love to help you enjoy shooting , whether you are an experienced shooter or someone who is simply curious, come in and introduce yourself. We are always looking to make new friends!